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Founders Edition

Zipmex Card

Spend your crypto. Earn ZMT rewards.

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Zipmex Card waitlist is currently available to Singapore residents only, but we're working to bring this product to all our users soon.

Powered by Visa

Spend your crypto wherever Visa is accepted.*

Crypto Rewards

Earn up to 4% rewards in ZMT on your spend.

No Annual Fee

Just a new way to access your crypto.

Double the Benefits

Your Z Wallet keeps you receiving ZipUp+ rewards on your balance. 

Limited Edition

Show your metal with the Founders Edition Metal Card.

Crypto meets

real world

Earn ZMT on every transaction.
Welcome to the financial revolution with the Zipmex Card: A unique crypto debit card that lets you earn ZMT on everything you buy, buy and buy.  

Purchases powered by crypto.
Flex payment lets you take advantage of the market on your spend. With real time crypto conversion direct from your Z Wallet, you can use it wherever Visa is accepted*.

Put your ZMT earnings to work.
So what can you do with all the ZMT you’ll be earning with your Zipmex Card? ZMT is your gateway to Zipmex. Get in early on new token projects, get higher reward rates and trading fee discounts. Join the waitlist now and get yours first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I earn rewards with a Zipmex Card?

You will earn rewards in ZMT based on their monthly spend and Zipmex VIP tier. Rewards are paid out at the start of every month and based on the previous month’s completed transactions.

Currently, you can spend your Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Zipmex Token (ZMT) balances in your Z-Wallet. We are working on expanding this list in the future.

Which cryptocurrency can I use to spend with Zipmex Card?

Flex with Zipmex Card is a new way to experience the power of crypto. Now there’s no need to worry about the price of crypto when you pay because you get up to 7 days from every Friday to make market fluctuations work for you. How? When the market is up, you can save by clearing your weekly spend. When it’s down, your weekly spend will automatically clear at its original price every Friday, so you don’t need to do anything.

What is Flex? (Coming soon)

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We offer investors a variety of opportunities in the digital assets industry. Our innovative platform provides financial access for anyone seeking investment returns anywhere, anytime. Our ecosystem aims at making finance an everyday enriching activity.

Copyright © 2021 Zipmex. All Rights Reserved.

By applying for Zipmex Card, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions governing the card and all future amendments thereto, if any, and eligibility criteria available at You also acknowledge and agree to the risks associated with digital payment tokens at

Do note that this advertisement, products and services have not been reviewed by MAS.

Zipmex Pte. Ltd. is currently operating under MAS exemption to provide digital payment token services.

*Zipmex Card is issued by PayrNet Pte. Ltd. (UEN: 201913150C), a company incorporated in Singapore which is a member of the Visa Card Network. PayrNet Pte. Ltd. currently carries out account issuance and domestic money transfer services and is exempted by MAS pursuant to the Payment Services (Exemption for Specified Period) Regulations 2019. To comply with this license exemption there may be limitations applied that restrict the usage of the card. Currently Zipmex Card can be used for domestic Singapore transactions only. Upon a license being granted we will be able to open up international usage of the card and will notify all customers of the changes. PayrNet Pte. Ltd. does not offer or provide banking services and the schemes administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation do not apply.

If you have any questions in respect of anything set out in the terms and conditions or the Zipmex Card, please contact 
Zipmex’s Customer Support team

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Flexible Payments

Take advantage of crypto fluctuations and get up to 7 days to Flex what you spend. Coming soon.

How do I sign up for a Zipmex Card?

Zipmex Card is available for Singapore residents only. To get yours first,  pre-register with your active and KYC'ed Zipmex account. We will notify you via email when we are ready to launch and provide you with next steps to complete card sign up.